Monday, March 14, 2016

I think I'm in Love With a Man Named David Maxim Micic

One of my best friends introduced me to the music of David Maxim Micic, a young Serbian Guitarist/Musician/Songwriter and Berklee College of Music Alumni.

The first thing I heard from the artist was Bilo 3.0, his 3rd solo album.  I was blown away by his ability to genre mash (a trait in a lot of progressive metal these days) while retaining exceptional hooks.  Lots of attention to detail in the sound production made his compositions as dynamic as modern pop music, while the music itself was as complex as classical.  I have long felt that there are 2 kinds of effective hooks:  Cheap hooks, the kind that get stuck in your head and end up making you angry or annoyed, and deep hooks, which addict you to a sound, and leave you constantly fiending for more.  Micic's hooks are deep, but this isn't just empty calorie pop music, inspired by everything from Swedish Metal icons Meshuggah, to the music of Japanese Video Game Composer Nobuo Uematsu.  There are even shades of Jazz, and Opera.

My exposure to Micic was years ago, but I am writing now because I have been unable to stop listening to Lun, the first studio album by his band Destiny Potato.  Lun basically took everything I loved about Nu Metal and Alternative in the 90s, and added that Micic kick of complexity.  Progressive metal sensibilities, industrial sound engineering, Meshuggah-esque Djent-ie percussive rhythm guitars, Eastern European folk influences, and more.  Than it eschewed the most tired Nu Metal tropes that killed the genre. No repeating whispered statements into screamed iterations, no repetitive song structure, no rap culture inspired tough guy attitude.

I have found myself, over the course of listening to the entire album multiple times, becoming addicted to random songs in the running, then several listens later, that track is old hat, and I am addicted to another.  It is the way I consume music, obsessively.
The first track I became super addicted to on the album was Love Song, thanks largely to the brilliant chorus, and the bridge, which is straight off of Micic's solo album Bilo 3.0.  

My current addiction is UYM.  I adore the speedy electronica opening with the slightly skipping double bass beat that makes my favorite 1980s scifi/adventure movies screen across my eyelids.  Then the entire tone shifts with the chorus, a smug laugh sample stutters over the hard rock hook, and back into the pre-chorus as integrated into the chorus itself, the vocals repeating "Can you, can you, can you be around? Do you, do you, really feel the sound?".  The best part?  At roughly 2:44, when the pre-chorus breaks collides into a digital glitch and breaks before snapping back with the chorus.  When I was in a band, these hooks were my favorite to play, that moment when the whole band skips a note and then slams back in perfectly in sync, it just feels awesome.

So yeah, I'll be obsessing about this for another couple weeks, and then I'll obsess over something else for a bit.  Years will go by, I'll check in with my old obsessions, and get hooked all over again.

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