Wednesday, January 11, 2017


This time tomorrow I will be basking in the glow of a post Nintendo unveiling.  Yes, the full unveiling of Nintendo's new hybrid system, The Nintendo Switch, begins on January 12th at 8PM PST.  The live event, streaming from Japan, is a huge deal for a big Nintendo nerd like me.  As such, I have to podcast about it, I really have no choice in the matter. 

I appeared as a guest on 2 episodes of The Gaming Scramble.

I will also be appearing before and after Nintendo's stream on Thursday.

In addition to guesting on those podcasts, I hosted my own podcast with members of Nintendo's Enthusiast's Forums community, and my podcast co-host for TVE, Will.

We will be meeting up for another podcast sometime after Friday.

While doing all of this I have been keeping up my TVEnthusiast podcast The Weekly Set, which just recorded its 90th episode.

I am podcasting as much as I can as I chase down Malcolm Gladwell's 10,000 hour rule.  No, I don't care that it has been disproved, as constant podcasting does wonders for my social anxiety, and that alone makes everything worth it.